Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Kittenapalooza Part 2 (+ socks)!

So it turns out having a new kitten around the house is not exactly conducive to knitting. Luckily, it is conducive to massive amounts of cuteness:

The gigantic ears continue to amaze.

Lucy is an absolute dream of a kitten: friendly, adorable, feisty, and so much fun to have around!

I have gotten a tiny bit of knitting done, mostly while Lucy is napping, and I've reached the heel flap of the second Fargyle sock. Here's a preview:

They're coming along pretty nicely. I also looked through my entire stash the other day and found a couple yarns I'd nearly forgotten about, which was exciting and very inspiring.

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Loona said...

That sock is just too cool looking! Do you take commissions on things? I would totally dig a scarf that looked like that :3