Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cupcakes + Lace!

(Hey, this is my 101st post! Cool.)

First of all, if you have extra zucchini lying around (and who doesn't?), you should definitely use it to make these chocolate-zucchini cupcakes. I did so last night and I can promise you with complete confidence that you won't regret it! (Do watch out for overcooking them, though -- the baking time recommended in the recipe was much too long for my oven, at least.)

Also, look at what I got in the mail a couple weeks back from my lovely friend Yoli, who was working on destashing:

That, my friends, is a skein of Skacel Collection Merino Lace in a gorgeous teal! This yarn is stupidly beautiful and frighteningly fine. I haven't knit with lace-weight yet so I am definitely intimidated but also excited. I think the most beautiful lace pattern I've seen is the Seascape Shawl, so I might attempt to tackle that right off the bat, but I wondered if any of you had other suggestions for first lace projects, maybe something smaller and quicker to help me get comfortable with it? Let me know please!

I have made almost no progress on the socks recently -- like I said, having a curious kitten around really cuts into one's knitting time, not to mention the fact that 90°+ weather makes it difficult to feel terribly excited about wool socks, even if they are really fantastic wool socks.


Sara Jane said...

Hey Leeann! Long time no see. How are things?

As far as lace knitting goes, pay careful attention to the charts and how they are read. I looked at the Seascape before, and it seemed tedious, with only one huge chart. It seems impossible (to me at least) to read this thing from the start of the row to end without going crosseyed.
Look for repeats in the chart, it requires much less attention. That way, if you get distracted for a second, you can look at where you are in the repeat and pick it up easy.
Try this - http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/liquid-silver-2

Lace is nothing to be afraid of. Lace yarn is surprisingly strong, needles are often a size bigger than sock needles, and blocking will forgive everything. If you can read the chart, you're in business.
Good luck! Can't wait to see it!!

Leeann said...

Thanks, Sara! Things are good and I miss you and everyone else - I PROMISE I am making it up to Panera before school starts.

Thanks for the tips and the pattern suggestion! Liquid Silver is GORGEOUS!

Larjmarj said...

I agree with Sara, "fear not the lace young Padwan" ;-)

It's easier than you think. I put markers in between repeats and it helps me in case I get "lost". I also find it easier if I stop on a wrong side row and use a chart holder. Knitpicks has an excellent one for minimal $$$. Enjoy!! Miss ya!!